About us

Baochuan Shengda borns as merging from professional people with high experience on frozen seafood and frozen vegetables.
We are focused on serves leading retailers, importers and industries in most major markets across the world.
Company has grown over the years and it is formed by a team of specialists in the areas of sourcing, buying, sales, marketing, logistics and quality.



we keep customers regularly informed about market situation that is season, market demand, specifications, packing, prices, new products, different qualities...and according to our experience, we look for best factory to fulfill your requirement at best possible price and according your specifications.


Our team control that packing and design be prepared to customer liking and we also have professional designers that can help you to make beautiful packing. We guarantee good and quality packing material and that packing measures will be suitable for your goods.


Our Q.C. department ensure the respect of client's specifications and our inspectors check final product and packing according to them. We send QC report to customer before loading. We provide Loading report and map to customer to assure that all process has been according to our instructions. Finally we take care about shipping documents be submitted properly and sent on time.


Our mission at Baochuan Shengda is collaborate closely with our customers to add value to their purchasing and marketing programs based on our deep knowledge and experience in food industry and international commerce. We provide all kind of market information (market demand, new products, new rules, specifications, packing’s, seasons, and so on) to our customers in such way they can make best buying decision and get better profit and turnover.
From our different locations we connect buyers with resource and provide them with top quality products and best possible prices.

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