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CPD Vannamei

Frozen Seafood

A wide spread of providers

We work with a wide varitety of quality providers and keep customers regularly informed about market situation that is season, market demand, specifications, packing, prices, new products, different qualities…and according to our experience, we look for best factory to fulfill your requirement at best possible price and according your specifications.


  The products

A wide variety of products

·  Shrimps (wild / farmed), Red shrimps, Vannamei and Black Tiger.
·  Cephalopods: Squid / Baby Squid, Octopus.
·  Sea Fish fillets: Cod, A. Pollock, Yellow fine sole, Rock sole, Salmon, Monkfish, arrowtooth flounder , Halibut, saithe, mackerel, John dory Fish
·  Fillets Aquaculture: Tilapia, panga, Barramundi, seabass, etc.

·  Bivalves: clams, mussels

·  Precooked loins: Mackerel, tunna, sarda, bonito,…..

·  Fish: mackerel, sardines, horse mackerel,…..

·  Value added: Skewers – Breaded – Battered – Marinated – etc.

·  Surimi: crab stick,crab claw, flakes, filament, etc.








IMPORT products IN Asia

What we import into Asia

·  Shrimps (Argentina Pink – Ecuador Whites – Black Tiger – Spanish Scarlet)

·  Squid (Giant Peru / Chile – Argentina Illex – NZ Arrow – Loligo)

·  Fish (Halibut – Salmon – Trout – Cod – Grenadier – Croaker – Mackerel – etc.)

·  Molluscs (Whelks – Topshell – Mussels – Scallops – etc.)

·  Crustacean (Lobster – King Crab – Snow Crab – Brown crab – etc.